Africa Teen Geeks is all about inspiring the next generation of technology innovators and that’s exactly what our Geek Clubs do. Our clubs offer computer programming for kids who would otherwise never have the opportunity.

Geek Clubs are led by our highly skilled volunteers who have been trained and supported by Africa Teen Geeks Microsoft. We teach children to code and they learn a scalable approach to computer science during the forty hours of curriculum, along with monthly project based activities.

Our computer training schools encourage learners to create their own real world software, such as mobile apps and games. By the end of the year each learner is expected to present a project which will impact and serve their community.

We welcome any computer science volunteer opportunities and are happy to support any faculty member who wants to start a Geek Club at their school. Working with primary schools, high schools and universities, we aim to bring Geek Clubs to communities across the country.

Please note: any learner under the age of 13 interested in joining a club must have a parent apply on their behalf.