Teachers who code

Our teacher training programme gives educators from previously disadvantaged schools the necessary skills and resources to teach computer science and use computers as a teaching aid.

We encourage professional development as a teacher with our courses and training in teaching methods, lesson planning, teaching strategies, questioning techniques and leadership skills. Along with being trained in the coding curriculum, teachers learn how to use the internet as a tool for effective teaching.

The teacher training programme includes in-depth coaching, facilitated practice, observation of colleagues, and working with actual students. They are given the resources to assess their own teaching practices and deepen their understanding of the classroom.

Our courses inspire educators to become involved in school improvements and the community as part of their teacher professional development. Two teachers from each school are selected for this teacher training programme, with maths and science teachers being given preference. The teachers are coached and supported by a project manager who attends the first and last sessions.

The programme is open to all teachers who are interested in adding computer coding to their school’s curriculum. Our courses are designed to ensure lessons are taught well, both in theory and practice. The only requirement for the teacher training programme is that the school already has a computer lab.

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